How to turn deserts into oasis?

Large parts of the land in Africa are deserts with plenty of sand – just pure sand. The deserts of the world are expanding.

In this site we will take up themes on how to turn deserts into oasis and paradises.

The main thing that is needed is plenty of water which can be used to turn the deserts into oasis.

On the other hand there is plenty of salt water available. So we will make article on how to turn salt water into water which can be used for growing
the plants in the areas with plenty of sand.

This blog will grow in detail with time. See you soon.

How to produce pure drinking water?

In this blog we will concentrate on the theme: How to produce pure drinking water.

There is plenty of water in the world, but it is mainly salt water. On the other hand there is a tremendous shortage of pure drinking water.
So how to change salt water into pure drinking water?

We will consider various methods on how to convert household waste water into pure drinking water. What is NEW WATER produced in Singapore.

How to distil salt water into potable water without salt?

The themes around pure water are numerous.