Drinkable Sea Water

Drinkable Sea Water Before you scream ‘absurd’, let me tell you that I am talking about Puri – a sea water desalinating bottle. There are several ways to remove saline from sea water, for example evaporation, vapor-pressure, and ion-exchange membrane method but all of them are not practical for use on a life raft or […]

Desalinating sea water – part 2

Introduction to desalinating 97% of the earth´s water is seawater salt content c. 35,000 mg / liter Domestic water supply requires: – Dissolved solids content < 1000 mg/l - Drinking water < 500 mg/l Desalinating refers to the wide range of technical processes designed to remove salts from the water. Source: desline.com/geneva/banat.pdf Source: desline.com/geneva/banat.pdf