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The Motto of the Day

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We have great amounts of: 1. Sea water 2. Sand 3. Sunshine So we will concentrate on how to transform these into things beneficial to the mankind. We will turn sea water to domestic water useable for a) irrigation and b) to be consumed by farm animals. We will find methods to purify the sea […]

Drinkable Sea Water

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Drinkable Sea Water Before you scream ‘absurd’, let me tell you that I am talking about Puri – a sea water desalinating bottle. There are several ways to remove saline from sea water, for example evaporation, vapor-pressure, and ion-exchange membrane method but all of them are not practical for use on a life raft or […]

Desalinating sea water – part 2

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Introduction to desalinating 97% of the earth´s water is seawater salt content c. 35,000 mg / liter Domestic water supply requires: – Dissolved solids content < 1000 mg/l - Drinking water < 500 mg/l Desalinating refers to the wide range of technical processes designed to remove salts from the water. Source: Source:

How to produce pure drinking water?

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In this blog we will concentrate on the theme: How to produce pure drinking water. There is plenty of water in the world, but it is mainly salt water. On the other hand there is a tremendous shortage of pure drinking water. So how to change salt water into pure drinking water? We will consider […]

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