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Turning desert into oasis

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We will look at the some different methods to achieve our goal to turn deserts of the world into oasis. VEGETATION – Method number One ============================== We list increasing vegetation as the number one method. Here are some videos on how to it has been done in different countries of the world. 1. China: Couple […]

What causes duststorms?

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“Sandstorms — also called duststorms — are caused by strong winds blowing over loose soil or sand, and picking up so much of that material that visibility is greatly reduced. The widespread abundance of loose sand in deserts makes them the most common locations for sandstorms to form.” Continue reading the strory at

The Motto of the Day

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We have great amounts of: 1. Sea water 2. Sand 3. Sunshine So we will concentrate on how to transform these into things beneficial to the mankind. We will turn sea water to domestic water useable for a) irrigation and b) to be consumed by farm animals. We will find methods to purify the sea […]

Map of the Main Desert Areas of the World

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(Source: 1. Great Basin Desert 2. Peruvian Desert 3. Atacama Desert 4. Patagonian Desert 5. Sahara Desert 6. Arabian Desert 7. Turkestan Desert 8. Great Indian Desert 9. Gobi Desert 10. Kalahari and Namib Desert 11. Australian Desert

Sandstorms in Arizona

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There seams plenty of sandstorms in Arizona. Here some links to the videos in Youtube. A massive sandstorm hits the greater Phoenix Area July 3 2014 Sandstorm – Gilbert, Arizona – July 3 2014 A BLINDING dust storm has swept through central Arizona and briefly prompted the grounding of flights at Phoenix’s main airport. Phoenix […]

How to turn deserts into oasis?

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Large parts of the land in Africa are deserts with plenty of sand – just pure sand. The deserts of the world are expanding. In this site we will take up themes on how to turn deserts into oasis and paradises. The main thing that is needed is plenty of water which can be used […]

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