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Stones and animals on Mars

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What kind of stones, animals or creatures you would encounter on the planet of Mars? See the model or theory of Mars by Vesa Valtonen which will help you to recognise stones, animals and possible creatures on Mars and to understand what is happening or has happened on the planet of Mars. Model or theory […]

There is Life on Mars

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There is life on Mars!!! See the proof of it. You will not believe your eyes! Go to

Calentador Aire Solar

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The following article is in Spanish, but the drawing is in English. So anybody should be able to get the idea how “Calentador Aire Solar” works. The article you can find here:

Human overpopulation

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The Mother of most problems in the Earth are due to Human overpopulation. It would be beneficial to the world to decline the population instead of letting it to increase freely. Vatican and Pope should change their attitudes to favor birth control with the use of contraceptives. It´s a great joke of Vatican to say […]

It´s Time to start cultivating the Seas of the World

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Motto: There will be more and more people in the world. Now it´s time to start cultivating the Seas of the World.

Solar collecting surfaces

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The future is clear.

Power Innovator Program – Scam

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Would you like to be deceived? If your answer is “Yes”, then take a look at the following page: Power Innovator Program – Scam The common sense should tell you right away that this is a typical fraud, in internet style. Here’s a more precise explanation of the fraud: dr-richard-goran-power-innovator-program Therefore we continue dutifully to […]

Turning desert into oasis

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We will look at the some different methods to achieve our goal to turn deserts of the world into oasis. VEGETATION – Method number One ============================== We list increasing vegetation as the number one method. Here are some videos on how to it has been done in different countries of the world. 1. China: Couple […]

What causes duststorms?

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“Sandstorms — also called duststorms — are caused by strong winds blowing over loose soil or sand, and picking up so much of that material that visibility is greatly reduced. The widespread abundance of loose sand in deserts makes them the most common locations for sandstorms to form.” Continue reading the strory at

The Motto of the Day

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We have great amounts of: 1. Sea water 2. Sand 3. Sunshine So we will concentrate on how to transform these into things beneficial to the mankind. We will turn sea water to domestic water useable for a) irrigation and b) to be consumed by farm animals. We will find methods to purify the sea […]

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