Growing Crops in the Desert. Could sea water be used to produce more food?

Here are four interesting videos about how to use sea water to grow plants. Could this resolve the global shortage of water to grow more food?

Farming with sea water. How it is done? Experimenting with salty water to grow plants!

Sea water into Fresh water. Large scale projects in the world already on the way.

Growing food in the desert.

Human overpopulation

The Mother of most problems in the Earth are due to Human overpopulation. It would be beneficial to the world to decline the population instead of letting it to increase freely. Vatican and Pope should change their attitudes to favor birth control with the use of contraceptives. It´s a great joke of Vatican to say that they can not approve the use of condoms because they may break during the intercourse and that the e-pills may harm the person using them. More countries should change their policies to favor smaller families.
Read more on Human overpopulation HERE

Power Innovator Program – Scam

Would you like to be deceived?

If your answer is “Yes”, then take a look at the following page:

Power Innovator Program – Scam

The common sense should tell you right away that this is a typical fraud, in internet style.

Here’s a more precise explanation of the fraud:


Therefore we continue dutifully to pay our electric bill as before …

Or we will examine the other methods of saving energy described in this site!

Turning desert into oasis

We will look at the some different methods to achieve our goal to turn deserts of the world into oasis.

VEGETATION – Method number One

We list increasing vegetation as the number one method.

Here are some videos on how to it has been done in different countries of the world.

1. China: Couple turns desert into oasis


2. Egypt: The Amazing Forest in the Desert


3. Morocco: A desert goes green


4. Qatar: Qatar’s Ambitious Plan to Turn the Desert Green


5. Israel: Growing Forests in the Desert


6. Peru: Creating Water in the Atacama Desert

A really interesting way to produce water in the desert – fognets…